Your Art is Your Business:
a guide for the working artist

Robert Roy Reed, Ph.D., CFP©

Being an artist is hard work.

It is even harder when you must worry about going so broke you cannot afford to make art anymore.

This book teaches you how to create an art business that supports your art-making. My system works for all creative professionals: writers, painters, musicians, dancers. Of course, each art has its own demands. Fine artists must be familiar with how the gallery system operates. Actors must know the ins-and-outs of auditioning. But getting a gallery show or nailing an audition will not make you successful.

You succeed when those achievements build into a durable career.

Having a solid business structure allows you to capitalize on your achievements and create such a career.

Your Art Is Your Business teaches the business fundamentals you need to know regardless of the art you create.


All text and images Copyright © Robert Roy Reed 2012