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There are three version of ArtBooks, the spreadsheet I created to help creative professionals track their art finances. Two versions are built on Microsoft Excel. The 2003 version is compatible with earlier versions of Excel (so says Bill Gates). ArtBooks built on the 2007 version of Excel works will all current Excel versions (2007 and 2010). The third version is build on Numbers, the spreadsheet program for the Mac. Note Mac users: several people have also had success running the Excel version on the Mac, so you might want to try those also.

Download whatever version works for you and share your experience with me so I can improve the program.

If you want to get a feel for ArtBooks, you can download this copy which is pre-filled with practice data. Use it to see how a working version looks and, if you are feeling adventurous, you can practice inputting and sorting data.

Here is an Excel file (YAYB Figures) that has most of the figures used in the book Your Art Is Your Business. Because of page limitations, some figures taken from ArtBooks appear small in print. If you download this file, you can see the figures in their full geeky glory.

You can find the book on



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