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You need an art business to support your art-making. Art-making is your main job, but to do that job you need money for supplies, money for rent. Your other job is running a business that provides that money.

Your Art Is Your Business is a step-by-step guide for creative professionals. It leads you through the process of building an art-supporting art business. The book itself is divided into two parts.

Part One addresses issues essential to any art business. It is a programmatic guide leading you through the three stages of business development.

1. SET UP – conceptualize and actually start a business
2. FOCUS – modify the business to meet your needs and goals
3. REVIEW – insure your business is going where you want to go

Part Two is general advice on issues common to many art businesses. Do I need special insurance? Must I file a tax return? Should I incorporate? Should I hire employees or independent contractors? Part Two addresses issues important to many—but not all—art businesses.

Your business lives or dies by its cash flow.
ArtBooks, a cash tracking program I created, shows you where money is coming in and where money is going out. Remember, your art business exists to support your art-making. ArtBooks shows you if that is happening.



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